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Winners of Restaurant Gift Certificates

The following participants who voted in the photo contest won gift certificates in a raffle.

€ 10 – Gift Certificate for the Royal Bombay Palace:
Ernst Eder
Rita Krenn

€ 10 - Gift Certificate for Ristorante dal siciliano:
Matthias Mittermaier

€ 10 – Restaurant Gift Certificate:
Sabine Leitner

A meal gift token for the Mensa:
Helga Böhm
Tugba Ciftci
Alexandra Gillhofer
Anna Hulkova
Edeltraud Ranftl
Ines Ratzenböck
Thomas Stöbich
Thomas Umundum
Siegrid Vucsàk
Thorsten Wagner

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity and support: