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Study Abroad Photo Contest 2011 - Winning Photos

Category: "Human Interest, Student Life, Oddities“


1st Place:

"Nightmare in Niagara”
Niagara Falls, USA

Photo by: Markus Müllner


2nd Place:

"Little Radish Girl“
Xochimilco, Mexico

Photo by: Silvia Brauneis




3rd Place:

"Animal Affection"
San Francisco, USA

Photo by: Karin Freudenthaler


Category: Landscape (City, Country, River...")


1st Place

"Cape Town - Table Mountain”
Cape Town, South Africa

Photo by: Klemens Lamplmair


2nd Place:

"Sunrise Reflection“
Florida, USA

Photo by: Marco Gossenreiter


3rd Place:

"Light in the Dark“
Austavoll, Norway

Photo by: Barbara Müller


People's Choice Award

The winner was chosen by public vote. The award went to:

"Lameson Experience"
Midleton, Ireland

Photo by: Christa Strubreiter