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Study Abroad Photo Contest 2015 - Winning Photos

Category: "Human Interest, Student Life, Oddities“


1st Place:

"Jumping in Front of a Natural Pool at Pedra Azul National Park”
Domingos Martins, Brazil

Photo by: Johannes Prandstätter



2nd Place:

Tankwa Karoo Desert, South Africa

Photo by: Julia Gabriel



3rd Place:
"Feel the Freedom"
Galdhøpiggen, Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway

Photo by: Julia Millgrammer



Category: Landscape ("City, Country, River...")


1st Place


Photo by: Josef Hechenberger



2nd Place:

"The Lightning Tower"
Karlsborg, Sweden

Photo by: Kerstin Möslinger



3rd Place:

"Good Morning“
Helsinki, Finland

Photo by: Florian Atzmüller