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Study Abroad Photo Contest 2002

Category: "Human Interest, Culture, Student Life"

1st Place

"Hopefully My Bike Key Will Fit One of These Bikes"
Robert Schumann University Strasbourg campus, France

Photo by: Margot Reisinger



2nd Place

"Exams in England"
Loughborough University, England

Photo by: Stefan Frauscher


3rd Place

"I Believe I Can Fly"
Namaqualand, South Africa

Photo by: Thomas Helmberger



Category "Landscape, Art, Architecture"

1st Place

"Jungle Trail"
Toroko National Park, Taiwan

Photo by: Thomas Penzl


2nd Place

"Stones on a Sandy Beach"
Port Enyon, Wales, England

Photo by: Florian Poltschak


3rd Place

"Salinas in the Holy Valley of the Incas"
near Crusco, Peru

Photo by: Michael Naderhirn