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Discover Austria (Go on Exchange to the JKU)

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Studying at the JKU

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General information on scholarships for international students to help finance their studies in Austria is available at: Austrian Exchange Service (Österreichischer Austauschdienst, ÖAD). The electronic registration (via is mandatory.

In addition, exchange students to the JKU may apply for the following scholarships:

1. Scholarships of Excellence for Exchange Students (preferably from non-Erasmus countries) :

Exchange students from partner universities can apply for a merit scholarship awarded by the Upper Austria government in the context of the Innovatives Oberösterreich 2020 program.

Students can apply for the following types of scholarship:
1) Full Scholarships (€ 550 per month)
2) Accommodation Scholarships
3) Travel and Top-Up Scholarships (up to € 1,000)

The type(s) and the amount of scholarship funds are awarded at the discretion of JKU.
The target group includes exchange students (preferably from non-Erasmus countries) wishing to pursue studies at JKU. Grants will be awarded for the academic year or semester in an effort to support and encourage students who have a genuine interest in studying abroad but who do not have sufficient financial resources to apply for an exchange program at the JKU. Applications must be submitted prior to the beginning of the exchange program.
The review committee will award scholarships based on the student's academic background, genuine financial need, desire to improve his/her language ability as well as the exchange balance.

Application Deadlines:
June 01 for the Winter Semester and full academic year respectively
November 15 for the Summer Semester

2. Marshall Plan Scholarships:

For students in Sciences and Engineering in the USA. Read more

3. ISEP Benefits

ISEP students will receive the following in support of living expenses during their stay at the JKU:

Meal Benefits:
The JKU provides a meal stipend of € 330/month. The stipend may be used to purchase groceries or pay for meals at cafeterias or at other food outlets.

Please note: if you are studying in Linz for a full academic year, please be aware that meal benefits will not be provided during February (intersession).

Housing Benefits:
ISEP students will receive a housing stipend (approx. € 240/month) and are free to select accommodations at the student residence of their choice. The stipend is sufficient to cover the costs of a double room in any of the student residence halls located near the campus. Housing benefits are also provided during the vacation periods

ISEP benefits start at beginning mid-September and mid-February. For more details, please see the Institutional Information Sheet provided by your home ISEP coordinator.

For information on the International Student Exchange Program please visit the ISEP website.