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Discover Austria (Go on Exchange to the JKU)

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European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

Developed by the European Commission, ECTS creates an efficient, uniform, and universal system of evaluation in regards to exchange programs, academic recognition and the transfer of course credits.

In compliance with the ECTS credit system, a full workload for one academic year is 60 credits, a full workload for one semester is 30 credits and a full workload for a trimester is 20 credits. In Austria, course credit is usually measured by the number of semester hours per week, whereas the distribution of credits is determined within the individual curriculum of studies.

The online JKU Linz course catalog indicates the number of ECTS credits per course. Students will receive full credit after successfully completing the course. Credit transferred to the students' home university is based on the learning agreement signed between the student and the participating university. The online course catalog also provides information regarding courses (course content, prerequisites, grades, etc.).

At the end of the students’ study period at JKU, students will receive a “JKU Transcript of Records” which will include the number of ECTS credits in accordance to the Austrian evaluation system. This will allow students to transfer course credits to their studies at their home university.

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