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Discover Austria (Go on Exchange to the JKU)

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Orientation Programme

Prior to the start of each semester, the International Office organizes a number of events for exchange students that provide valuable opportunities to learn more about the Johannes Kepler University, the city of Linz, and the surrounding area.

The Pre-Semester Programme offers the following:

  1. Orientation Programme (mandatory attendance)
  2. Intensive German Language Course
  3. Cultural Sensitivity Training Class
  4. Excursions

Click here to view the times and dates.


1. Orientation Programme

The Orientation Programme includes an orientation session, additional information sessions, a campus tour, and a Linz city tour.

During Orientation you will receive information pertaining to studies and your stay in Linz such as:
- admissions procedures at the JKU
- course selection and registration
- health insurance
- opening a bank account
- residence and visa regulations

Aside from the city tour of Linz, attendance at Orientation is mandatory!
We ask that you make your travel arrangements accordingly!

Winter Semester 2017/2018


Last day of arrival (for students participating in the Intensive German language course)

September 10, 2017

Orientation Session (for students participating in the Intensive German language course)

September 11, 2017

Last day of arrival

September 17, 2017

Orientation Session

September 18, 2017


2. Intensive German Language Courses

Prior to the beginning of each semester, the Center of Business Languages and Intercultural Communication offers intensive German language courses (beginners, intermediate and advanced levels) for exchange students. In the winter semester, the course is worth 3 ECTS credits and is offered for three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. In the summer semester, the course is held two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester and is worth 2 ECTS credits. Students who attend each class meeting and pass the final exam will earn ECTS credits. The course is free of charge.


Winter Semester 2017/2018

September 12 to September 29, 2017 (tbc)

Summer Semester 2017

February 14 to February 27, 2017

Registration to take part in the intenstive German language course must be indicated in the online application.
Please note that group allocation will be based on what you indicated on the application form! If your linguistic level does not correspond to the level being taught, you will be able to change to another class.
The number of course participants is limited. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.

Click here for course descriptions.


3. Cultural Sensitivity Training

The Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communication offers a class titled “Cultural Sensitivity Training Class” which is held a week before the start of each semester. The class is free of charge and open to all exchange students. We strongly encourage exchange students to enroll. You can sign up for the course on the online application form. Students in the class will receive 2 ECTS credits for attendance.
Due to the limited number of participants, enrollment will follow on a “first come, first serve” basis

Cultural Sensitivity Training / Winter Semester 2017/18:

September 27 - September 29, 2017

Day One: The group will discuss the host country's cultural specificities as well as their own cultural backgrounds/identities. Students will also focus intensively on images, perceptions, “positive” and “negative” stereotypes associated with national cultures.

Day Two (Project Day): Participants will work in town on projects in small groups and teams (field studies, interviewing people, observation tasks).

Day Three: The teams will present their results to the class. Each team's project will be discussed and critically analyzed. Students will develop methods that can be applied when encountering situations their host culture and when working in multicultural teams (international student body on campus).


4. Day Trips

Take part in one of many interesting day trips organized for exchange students! These trips provide an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with the areas in and around Linz as well as meet fellow exchange students.
You can sign up for day trips after you have checked in at the International Office. There is a small fee which must be paid at the time of registration. Note: The number of spots is limited!

REFI, a group of local students who assist visiting students during their stay, also organizes excursions and day trips.

Day Trip to the Baroque Schlierbach Monastery and the City of Steyr

The monastery in Schlierbach is located on the outskirts of the Alps. The monastery features a beautiful church, a world famous library, and is considered a jewel of Baroque architecture. We will visit the dairy production center to see where a number of tasty cheeses are produced as well as the monastery's glass painting workshop where traditional craftwork is still practiced today.
On the way back we will stop in the medieval city of Steyr to tour the city's picturesque town square and visit the famous "Bummerlhaus" building.

Day Trip to Mauthausen

Located approximately 20 kilometers east of Linz, the former concentration and labor camp in Mauthausen is now a national memorial site in remembrance of one of Austria’s darkest periods in history.