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The University SPORTS Institute at the JKU is committed to providing university faculty, staff, students, alumni and students of higher secondary schools opportunities to pursue and participate in a variety of recreational, athletic and physical activity programs.

Each semester we receive and process over 4000 course registrations for approximately 100 continuous areas of athletic and recreational activity. In addition to “standard sports”, we offer a number of currently “popular and trendy” courses, enjoyable and “fun” classes as well as personal wellness oriented courses. We also organize sport camps, extended sport week excursions and workshops.

We support and coordinate numerous divisional university championships in many disciplines for all sports levels, participate in all Austrian Academic Championships as well as supporting selected athletes, and we are responsible for sending top athletes to participate in selected international university sporting events.

If you would like to learn more about us or find out more about the classes and courses we offer, please select "USI Sport" from the Quick Link options located on the top right.