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IT Services at JKU

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About Us

IM (formerly known as Central Informatic Services / ZID) is responsible for creating and maintaining an efficient on-campus infrastructure of computer, network groups and telecommunications. We implement measures of security to ensure smooth flowing operations (for example, redundant hardware structures, conveniently located computer stations, security measures, supercomputing, etc.) as well as providing essential software products.

The IM staff at JKU provides on-campus services, technical support and assistance for researchers, faculty, students and staff

Our Goal

Creating an IT infrastructure that enables JKU researchers to achieve “peak maximum academic performance” in order provide faculty and students with the best premise to learn and conduct research and – last but not least – create a system that enables employees in Central Services to serve university faculty and staff to the best of their ability.

IM is comprised of the following subdivisions:

  • User Systems
  • User Services
  • Network and Telephone Services
  • Server Operations
  • Web and Media
  • Scientific Computation
  • Content Management

Our core tasks include:

User Systems

  • Program development on behalf of JKU
  • Operational implementation of JKU developed software products
  • Operational Implementation of purchased software solutions (i.e. SAP)
  • User Support
  • Assignment of JKU classification numbers on behalf of the unversity directors
  • ...

Computing Services

  • Support of standard university work stations (from the hardware and software side)
  • Campuswide acquisition of hardware
  • Implementation of electronic auctions for the ascertainment of pricing for necessary data processing components
  • System technical support of the client-server instructure
  • Campuswide software acquisition (individual licensing, campus licensing, scale licensing, additional educational allowances)
  • Coordinating software acquisition with other Austrian universities and colleges
  • Development and Operation of the IT Help Desk
  • Support of university computer training classrooms
  • Implementation of computer courses for university staff and students
  • Laptop Rental
  • ...

Network Systems

  • Strategy, installation and operations of a campuswide network (LAN, WLAN), including network services
  • Securing Internet connectivity (ACONet)
  • Planning building wiring (old and new buildings)
  • Planning and implementing connections and link-ups with external centers
  • Implementation of security measures
  • Campuswide operations of telephone and communication systems
  • Implementation of new/additional telephone and communication technologies (i.e. VoIP)
  • ...

Server Operations

  • Securing the operations of the central server infrastructure (not including the Super Computer)
  • Central operations data backup-robot and central data storage (i.e. SAN)
  • System technical support of the server infrastructure: maintenance of operational systems, data bank maintenance, administration of user accounts, data saving, etc.
  • User support due to error
  • ...

Core Tasks Web and Media

  • E-Learning Services: such as the operations and use of Moodle, the learning platform
  • Evaluation Services: such as implementing web-based surveys
  • Web Services: Providing services for the ZMS content management system

Scientific Computing

  • Planning, acquisition and operations of a high-performance computer (Super Computer) for scientific application
  • Providing software products for solutions to scientific problems
  • Supporting institutes with application development
  • Operations of the campuswide Virtual Reality Centers (VRC)
  • Supporting institute with the visualization of SC-computation results
  • Cooperation in campuswide research projects
  • ...