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IT Services at JKU

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Software for Students

Beschreibung: JKU students can obtain various software products. Some are free of charge and some are available for a fee.

Accessing Software via the JKU Linz

How and Where Can I Obtain The Software?

Fee-Based Software: Please contact the Service Desk at Information Management to obtain software that requires a license as well as for additional information, such as the corresponding download link, etc.

Payment using Maestro (ATM card)! No cash please!

You can operate diverse software products without a license key.
These are free and available in the software download list Register using your JKU account.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Price: free
Click here for additional information.

Mathematica - Analyses and Calculations incl. WolframAlpha

Price: € 25 / year
See: Wolfram Research for additional information and see the following links

SPSS - Statistics

Price: € 30 / Year
See: for additional information.

Origin Pro - Analysis and Presentation Program

Price: free
Download from our software server:

McAfee - Virus Protection

Price: free
Download from our software server:
See: for additional information.

Software Acquisition via the Austrian Student Union Linz

Microsoft License for Engineers
Students in computer sciences and engineering majors and Business Informatic students at the SoWi Faculty can download many Microsoft programs for free via DreamSpark.
See: Austrian Student Union Linz - Services for CompSci Majors.

Cooperation with the TU Vienna

NOTE: The cooperation agreement with the TU Vienna regarding software acquisition expires on December 30, 2017!

JKU students can also access software licenses for academic and personal use via the TU Vienna Software Portal.

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