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IT Services at JKU

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Here you will find a complete range of IT services offered by IM (formerly known as Central Informatic Services - ZID). ...  more of IT Services at JKU (Titel)

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Using Canon Copiers to Print

You can make personal copies using your JKU Card. Log into You can upload credit (€10 - €50) using your credit card or instant bank transfer. Your current credit will be displayed.

application/pdfInstructions UniFlow Copy Services - Payment System (201KB,, German only)

You can print using a public PC and or using your own device via a self-installed printer driver.
Scans will be sent to your e-mail address.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I access printing services?: From the entire campus and student dormitories.
  • Where can I pick my copies up?: Copies are not stored on one particular copier but rather on the main server. Your copies can be retrieved from any copier. See for a list of color copiers.
  • Where can I access my scanned documents?: Scanned documents will be sent electronically to an e-mail address you provide. Files over 10 MB will be sent in multiple e-mails.
  • Where can I view my available balance (institutes cards and institute account)?: Your balance can be viewed under SecurePrint (section for "print services").

Installation Instructions for Windows 7/8/10

Installation Instructions for Windows XP
Note: In Windows XP, larger print jobs may require longer transfer times to the server.

Installation Instructions for Linux
NOTE: Due to a bug, B&W copies cannot be printed on color copiers.

Installation Instructions for macOS
NOTE: Due to a bug, B&W copies cannot be printed on color copiers.