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IT Services at JKU

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Service Point Kiosks & The JKU Card

Beschreibung: Each enrolled student at the JKU will receive a JKU Card, an official photo ID card to identify yourself on campus (for examinations, at the library, etc.). Please make sure you have your card with you at all times.

General Information about the JKU Card

You will find your personal student identification number on the front of the JKU Card. Each semester, after paying tuition and/or Austrian Student Union fees, you can have a new expiration date printed on the card.

Functions JKU Card

The JKU Card is not only your student identification card. You can also use it to access various services at the JKU:

  • Enter the university parking lot (fees apply)
  • Borrow books at the library
  • Use the computers at the Ch@t Café to surf the internet
  • Activate the Austrian Student Union meal discount (apply via KUSSS)

General Information about Service Point Kiosks

Students can independently manage university administrative tasks at any Service Point kiosk.
In order to ensure services, there are also Service Point kiosks located off-campus at the Linz Petrinum as well as in Vienna, Bregenz and Villach. The addresses are listed below.

Card Reader

To use a Service Point kiosk, insert your JKU Card in to the card reader slot with the photo facing upwards and the lettering "AUSTRIACARD" in the front.
Please make sure to insert the card according to the image depicted below the slot.

The card will be automatically drawn in, please do not use force.
Do not use your card if it is damaged or bent! If the card is irreparably damaged, you can obtain a replacement card at the Admissions Office for a fee of €15. If the card reader does not accept the card or ejects the card, please notify a staff member (see contact information below).

Services Available at Service Point Kiosks

Pay Tuition / Continue Studies

If you prefer, you can pay tuition and/or student union fees at a Service Point kiosk rather than by bank transfer. If you pay the fee(s) at a Service Point kiosk using your bank card, you will see the amount you owe on the display. You can only pay using a bank (ATM) card. Please note that the amount must be available in your account and make sure you do not exceed the daily withdrawal limit!

After payment has been successfully received, a new expiration date will be printed on your JKU Card. Please make sure to insert the card correctly otherwise the date cannot be printed! If you have the card inserted correctly and on the correct side but the date did not print, go to "Print Date and Meal Discount on the JKU Card".

Please note:
If you have paid the fees you owe at another university, the information will appear in a copy of your studies notification sheet (=Studienblatt). Please send a copy to. zulassung(/\t)

If you have already transfered the amount you owe, do not also make payment at a Service Point kiosk.
The expiration date can be printed on the JKU Card at a Service Point kiosk in a few days after the bank transfer clears. See "Extend ID Card" in the menu.

Print Date and Meal Discount on the JKU Card

  • Extend ID Dates: After payment has been made and cleared, a new expiration date will be automatically printed on the card. When paying at a Service Point kiosk, the date will be automatically updated (see above).
  • Austrian Student Union Cafeteria Discount: Students eligible to receive a meal discount through the Austrian Student Union will have an "M" printed on the card. Please note that you must apply for the meal discount in advance via KUSSS under "Personal Information", under the tab "Mensabonus".

Service Point Kiosk Locations


At the JKU campus
Hours of operation: Monday - Saturday from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Campus map

  • Physics Building, ground floor, (5 Service Point kiosks)
  • Bank Building, 1st floor, (1 Service Point kiosks)
  • Management Center, ground floor, (1 Service Point kiosks)
  • Lecture Tract, Hall A, (2 Service Point kiosks)
  • Science Park Building 3 (east wing), ground floor, (1 Service Point kiosk)

At the Linz Institute for Multimedia Law Studies
Petrinumstraße 12, 4040 Linz
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Distance Learning Center Bregenz
Belruptstraße 10, 6900 Bregenz


Technikum University of Applied Sciences, Carinthia, Technologiepark Villach T01
Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach/St. Magdalen


Upper Austrian House at the Raiffeisenlandesbank
Operngasse 2, 1010 Vienna
Hours of operation (foyer): Monday-Sunday 5:00 AM - Midnight

The Service Point kiosk in Vienna is back in operation.

JKU Card: In Case of Loss or Theft

In the event of loss or theft, please present an official "report of loss or theft" (=Verlustanzeige) issued by the Citizens' Office or by the Lost & Found Office ( so that a new JKU Card can be issued. A fee of €15 will be charged to replace a card (this also applies to cards that have been irreparably damaged).

Contact Persons

  • If you experience technical issues or problems at a Service Point kiosk, please contact the IM Service Desk.
  • If you have questions about how your JKU Card work and how to use it, please contact the Admissions Office.