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Find us on campus here! ...  more of Campus Map (Titel)

IT Services at JKU

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Here you will find a complete range of IT services offered by IM (formerly known as Central Informatic Services - ZID). ...  more of IT Services at JKU (Titel)

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JKU Standard Hardware (Auction List 170A)

The following list of "standard hardware" is updated continually. Please download anything from the current hardware list here before submitting an order. If any current product is not included on the list, please submit requests to: HWEinkauf(/\t)

Standard Hardware List - valid as of 22 September 2008

application/pdfA170A (131KB, price valid as of 22. September 2008, new prices and u:book tips, German only)

Miscellaneous Offers (no support services offered by IM) - including for employees / personal use

Fujitsu Siemens School Notebook by the Computer Company

Cool@School Notebook Sale - Computer Company

application/pdfCoolAtSchool (267KB, Cool@School Notebook Sale - Computer Company, German only)

DELL Notebook Deals by MTX

Dell Business PC Deals by MTX