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Maintenance HOTLINE

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Please call the Maintenance Hotline at Ext. 9999 or send an e-mail to: ...  more of Maintenance HOTLINE (Titel)

Campus Map

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Find us on campus here! ...  more of Campus Map (Titel)


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Technical Support / Complaints Management

Please call Extension 9999:

  • Waste Disposal (aside from chemicals)
  • Repairs and Reparation
  • Office Furnishing Services
  • Malfunction of technical machinery and equipment (not including IT computers and equipment)
  • Malfunction of Heating and Sanitary Services
  • Miscellaneous Malfunctions
  • ...

Technical Support / Complaints Management is your first stop in regards to any of the above mentioned malfunctions. Service scheduling will be determined by each individual department.
For larger projects (i.e. renovation work, acquisition of new, large equipment, etc.), please contact the responsible department directly.