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Borrowing and Reserving Equipment to Aid in Lectures and Classes...

Important Note 1:
Please provide your address and phone number in writing!

If there is a fee to attend your event, please provide your billing address, UID number, and the firm booking number.

Important Note 2:
All items can only be reserved by request and availability!
When picking up electronic equipment for the classroom, please bring ID such as your JKU Card as the AK and/or student ID number serves as your identification. If you do not have a JKU Card, please present official photo ID.

... What kind of equipment can I borrow from Event Management for my classes?

  • Video projector with 1024 X 786 pixel resolution
  • DVD player
  • Portable overhead projector
  • Wireless microphone and headset
  • Computer speaker boxes
  • Flipchart stands (paper and writing utensils are not provided)
  • Pinboard
  • Portable speaker's desk
  • Portable microphone set (including: headset, handheld microphone, CD player, cassette deck)
  • A-stands
  • Portable projection screens
  • Standing tables


... How can I reserve equipment to use in teaching classes?

Contact: raumplanung(/\t) at least seven working days before the event is scheduled to begin.

The equipment will be available for pick-up that morning from 7:30 am on at in-house services (portier) located on the ground floor of the Keplergebäude Bldg.


... Where and when can I pick up / return the equipment I have reserved?

You can pick up equipment on the day reserved beginning at 7:30 AM at the Reception Desk (=Portier) located on the ground floor of the Kopfgebäude Bldg.

Equipment can be returned to the Reception Desk (open Monday - Sunday, 24 hours a day).


... Am I permitted to borrow equipment for external seminars and events and what are fees?

In general, all equipment (projectors, bulletin boards, etc.) is solely for teaching purposes. In exceptional cases, other equipment (such as standing tables) can be used for other purposes (such as institute events).

See: Guidelines "Reserving Campus Rooms and Fees for Events" for any additional applicable costs.


... Where and how do I obtain authorization (account) to access the JKU's wifi or Lan Net services?

Apply for authorization to access internet services via the online reservation sheet.
Note, if this was not done please contact the following:

Internal customers, please contact IM:

External customers, please contact:

Please note that you must apply at least 7 working days before the event is scheduled to begin!

See the: cost sheet for information regarding costs and fees.