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Position Indication:


Reserving / Distribution Permit (Flyers, Products, Newspapers, etc.)...

When sending an e-mail and/or letter, be sure to always include your address and phone number!

If there are fees for the info stand space, please provide us with you billing address, UID number and company booking number.

Incidental Costs:
Information stand (up to 6m2 in the Keplergebäude Bldg., booth size is 1.5 m tall/wide x 4 m long) € 115 per day
Newspaper/magazine distrubution € 115 per day
Distribute products: € 115 per day
Flyer distribution € 55 per day
Flyer distribution in combination with products (such as goodies, .....) € 115 per day

... What are the guidelines for distributing products and/or leaflets/flyers on campus?

Leaflet/flyer distribution by in-house and/or external organizers or companies will be permitted as long as the information is in the interest of the JKU.


... How and who do I contact in regards completing an application to distribute leaflet/flyers?

From Monday to Thursday - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and Fridays from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm - please contact:

Ms. Margot Berger 0732/2468-4993,
Ms. Claudia Hoanzl 0732/2468-4992,
Ms. Margit Littringer 0732/2468-4991,
Ms. Sarah Vogl 0732/2468-4988

Submit the requested dates by phone, e-mail or in person to Event Management, Rm. 007 (connecting corridor).

Follow up by sending a request per e-mail to: raumbewirtschaftung(/\t)
including the day(s) which you would like to distribute flyers as well as a copy of the flyer(s) or object(s) to be distributed. Please include a sample print of the flyer or leaflet.

All flyers must include a complete impressum (entire address).


... Approximately how long does it take to process an application?

Application processing is generally one week.


... Where may I distribute flyers and/or leaflets?

In general, there are no restrictions aside from distribution in classrooms, lecture halls, ceremony rooms, Rep. Rooms, meeting rooms, offices, and at the Science Park buildings. Permission can be granted in certain cases and if applicable, certain restrictions will be included in the letter of permission.

Access our download center for current guidelines on distributing flyers and leaflets at the JKU!


...What are the costs for parking fees in the visitor parking lot?

The cost of parking is not included as part of the incidental costs.
See our parking fee cost sheet for a list of current parking fees!