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Permission to Hang Posters on Campus...

...what are the guidelines for hanging posters on campus?

Please refer to current JKU guidelines on hanging posters. The information is available in our Download Center!

A small excerpt:
Posters are subject to pre-approval (stamp required), review, and authorization by the Department of Event Management. The number of posters on campus are regulated. All unauthorized posters will be removed by in-house building services.

Posters by those not affiliated with the university are expressly prohibited.
Each poster must have imprint information (full address) before receiving an authorization stamp.
A maximum of 8 posters will be authorized.

No official authorization is required for posters on the wooden poster wall located across from the University Center, advertising or poster pillars on campus, as long as the content is in the interest of the JKU. The number of posters is unlimited.

Top and who do I contact to display posters on campus?

Contact the Department of Event Management at the JKU for permission to hang posters on campus.
We are located in the Kopfgebäude Bldg., Ground Floor
Room: KG 007

N O T E:
Please include your address and telephone number in all correspondence!


...where I am allowed to hang posters?

Building services will display posters mainly in the Kepler Building, the entrance to the Bank Building, and in the connecting hallway.