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About Us

Event Management is a service organization at the JKU.

Staff at the Office of Event Management plan, organize and coordinate all events at JKU ranging from academic convocation and graduation ceremonies to grand opening ceremonies for campus buildings, the Long Night of Research, the annual JKU University Ball, study fairs, company excursions, the annual JKU Employee Christmas party, etc. The department also oversees the address database for the entire JKU community.

Staff at the Department of Room Planning and Coordination are responsible for classroom scheduling (for faculty and events) at the JKU. The department manages all organizational, technical and room-related planning aspects.

If guest accommodations are required in connection to any event on campus, please contact the Room Coordination Center.

We consider ourselves service providers and our goal is to provide efficient service and support for every aspect in planning your event. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming event, please do not hesitate to contact us.