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New Edition 2013:

Volker Bialas
Johannes Kepler
Astronomist and Natural Philosopher

Philosophy is the common property of all mankind - this characterizes world-famous astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) to be a science ethos, something which markedly distinguishes him from most of his colleagues and contemporaries. Kepler wished to reveal nature's secrets to patient readers, thereby serving all mankind with his work and celebrating the creator of all things. The book outlines and explores the multi-layered depth of thought that is characteristic of Kepler's work. The work's origin stems from the author's many years of work in regards to the publication of Kepler's collected works at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich. Kepler's handwritten manuscripts show important editing and once these became accessible, the book's final stage in this edition writes about Kepler as a thinker.

About the Author
Volker Bialas: Studies in Berlin, Marburg and München, Ph.D. in 1968 at the TU Munich: "Rudolphinischen Tafeln von Johannes Kepler", Post-Doc in 1971, 1981 professor at the TU Munich, 1985 to 2003 Academic Director for the publication of Kepler's collected works at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

History Series in Natural Sciences and Engineering - Volume 25
University Publisher Rudolf Trauner
2013, 108 Pages, ISBN 978-3-99033-163-7
Available at bookstores

JKU employees can purchase the monograph in the secretary's office at the Institute for Modern and Contemporary History.



Published in 2012:

Herbert Kalb / Franz Pichler (Eds.)
Johannes Kepler in Linz 1612-1628
Die wissenschaftliche Ernte
Vorträge, Buchausstellung, Hörtheater

400 hundred years ago, the great astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler moved from Prague to Linz to teach at a district school and continue his scientific work and research. Works completed while he was in Linz are among his most important books. This includes works such as "Tabulae Rudolphinae" (1627), his widely recognized philosophical work "Harmonices Mundi" (1619) written in an attempt to explain the proportions of the natural world, and his mathematical work "Nova Stereometria Doliorum Vinariorum" (1617) reporting on the results of measuring wine barrels. It was in Linz that Kepler remarried after the death of his first wife. His new wife, Susanne Reuttinger from Eferding, helped him to create a happy home. However, his time in Linz was not without its difficulties. In Württemberg his mother was subjected a witch trial, Kepler himself was in conflict with the church, and the Peasant Wars and counter-reformation caused him to postpone writing some of his work.

This volume contains the written contributions that were presented at a symposium held on June 2, 2012 and organized by the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the Regional Library of Upper Austria. The individual contributions reveal more detailed information about the time Kepler spent in Linz, including the groundbreaking work he completed while in Linz. In addition, the volume also contains texts presented at the “Audio Theater” and list of books on exhibition at the Regional Library of Upper Austria in association with the symposium.

The Editors
Herbert Kalb is a professor at the Johannes Kepler University and head of the Institute of Canon and Religious Law and European History. He also currently serves as the Vice-Rector of Teaching.
Franz Pichler was a professor of Systems Theory (Computer Science) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz from 1973 to 2004.

Roman Sandgruber: "Oberösterreich und Linz zur Zeit des Aufenthaltes von Johannes Kepler"
Martin Solc: "Die letzten Prager Jahre von Johannes Kepler"
Ivo Schneider: "Wahrnehmungen von Keplers astronomischen Werken aus der Linzer Zeit im 17. Jahrhundert"
Volker Bialas: "Der Klang der Schöpfung - Die harmonische Gestaltungsidee der Welt nach Kepler"
Helmuth Grössing: "Keplers Entdeckung einer neuen Welt auf dem Mond und auf der Erde"
Franz Kerschbaum: "(Johannes) Kepler und die Suche nach der zweiten Erde"

The History of Natural Sciences and Engineering Series - Volume 22
University Publishing Rudolf Trauner
2012, 126 Pgs., ISBN 978-3-99033-110-1
Available in bookstores (in German only).