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The Department of Personnel Development is located at Aubrunnerweg 9. ...  more of Campus Map (Titel)


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About Us

As a service oriented institution, we are responsible for addressing questions and issues pertaining personnel development.
In addition, we focus on selected topics of organizational development.

Our Most Important Objectives Include:

  • Preparing/developing comprehensive internal education and continual education programs (training courses, seminars, etc.)
  • Advising services for individuals and organizational units regarding issues in personnel and organizational development
  • Planning and implementing organizational specific development projects (examinations, department and team development processes)
  • Developing and implementing JKU specific tools developed by PE (employee evaluations, etc.)
  • Offering an apprentice training program in 10 different professional areas:from administrative assistant and physics lab technician to IT technology. Click here for more information about the apprentice training program.
  • Planning, organizing and implementing cross-organizational projects (occupational health at companies, etc.)

If you have any general inquiries, please send an e-mail to: personalentwicklung(/\t); if you have specific inquiries, please contact the responsible PD staff member.