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Professorship in Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science

Announcement of a Tenured Faculty Opening at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science in compliance with §94 para. 2 subpara. 1 2002 Universities Act)

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business at the Johannes Kepler University Linz invites applications for an employment position under private law for a

Professor of Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science

to begin immediately. The faculty opening is in accordance with § 98 of the Austrian Universities Act and an evaluation will be conducted after a four-year period.

The successful candidate will conduct main research in the general area of philosophy of science, whereby cross-disciplinary references to social, cultural, and economic sciences is expected. Desired qualifications include cross-disciplinary references to the areas in engineering and natural sciences. In addition to epistemological and methodological topics, critical-reflexive issues of sciences should also be covered. The successful candidate is expected to possess interdisciplinary and international work experience as well as submit a list of publications.

The subject of philosophy should focus on the philosophy of science to be taught as part of the academic degree programs (including the doctorate degree programs) in social and economic sciences as well as engineering and natural sciences. In addition, the subject of philosophy is to be taught as part of the subject area in psychology and philosophy as part of the new program in teacher education studies.

The successful candidate must hold a post-doctorate (venia docendi) – or comparable post-doctorate qualifications – in the field of philosophy and/or the philosophy of science.

The successful candidate will be expected to take part in main research areas and the JKU curricula as well as independently assume administrative tasks. The successful candidate should demonstrate a high degree of willingness to cooperate both internally at the university and externally and establish professional connections. In addition to key professional qualifications, the successful candidate should also possess a strong social skill set.

Please see: to view a detailed job profile. For more information, please contact Univ. Prof. Dr. Johann Bacher (Institute for Sociology, johann.bacher(/\t), +43 732 2468 7700).

Based on a voluntary basis agreement regarding salary, there is minimum salary according to the collective agreement. Contingent upon the current position (present salary) is an annual gross salary (minimum salary as stated in the collective agreement plus voluntary additional payments) of € 80,000 to €100,000.