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Kopfgebäude Building at the JKU Campus

We are located on the 4th Floor of the Kopfgebäude Building! ...  more of Campus Map (Titel)

Human Resource Development at the JKU

Information for Human Resource Development (current seminar program, sessions for groups and teams, internal courses, downloads, etc.) ...  more of Human Resource Development at the JKU (Titel)

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Office of Coordination & Reporting

Beschreibung: The Office of Coordination & Reporting encompasses many areas and is not limited to preparing evaluations and job advertisements and calls.

The Office's Main Responsiblities:

- Provide evaluations and statistics for internal and external use (Statistik Austria, RH, ...)

- Create job charts

- Administration of the SAP System - organizational management

- Manage external partners

- Issue KeplerCards/PartnerCards

- Administration of job advertisements

- Verify data quality in Human Resource Management

- Various internal department coordination tasks

The Office Team:

Office Manager: Markus Lehner

- Office Coordinator

- Administration the SAP System - Organizational Management

- Prepare Job Charts

- Document Educational Qualifications

- Evaluations and Statistics

- Audit internal data quality

- Optimize work processes

- Administration of the department's internal team area

- Administration of the department's homepage

- Develop and Optimize the Recruiting Process

- Organize and Hold Internal Department Training Classes and Workshops

Availability: Monday - Friday; Ext. 3247; E-mail: markus.lehner(/\t)

Administration: Verena Schmidinger

- Creating ongoing and recurring evaluations and statistics

- Quarterly reports

- Provide data information for budget planning

- Job service anniversaries

Availability: Monday - Friday; Ext. 3251; E-mail: verena.schmidinger(/\t)

Administration: Monika Fuchs-Wittinghofer

- Manage external partners

- Issue KeplerCards/PartnerCards

- Customize Work Schedules

- Administration/Organization of Job Opening Announcements

- Process Responses to Job Announcements

Availability: Monday - Friday; Ext. 3263; E-mail: monika.fuchs-wittinghofer(/\t)

Administration: Sandra Hinterreiter

- Creating and compiling continual and recurrent evaluations

Availability: Monday - Tuesday; Ext. 3154; E-mail: sandra.hinterreiter(/\t)

Administration: Karin Holzner, BEd

- Create Job Charts

- Review Internal Data Quality

- Process Job and Job Announcement Contracts

- Create Job Announcements and Calls

Availability: Monday - Friday; Ext. 3155; E-Mail: karen.holzner(/\t)