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FoDok FAQs

What Kind of Research Services does FoDok Provide?
JKU FoDok offers the following research services provided at the JKU and their research departments:
  • Publications: Books, articles in journals and collective works, research reports, editorial activities, etc.
  • Presentations: Invited talks/presentations, (key note )conference presentations, poster presentations, post-doctorate presentations, etc.
  • Research Projects: Application and contracted scientific and academic projects, thesis work, dissertation work, post-doctorate dissertation projects , etc.
  • Scientific Community Services (SCS): Organizing conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, guest talks, etc.; multi-day stays abroad
  • Inventions: Allocated Patents
FoDok does not contain personal information such as personal CVs, listed honors, grants, awards, professional positions, memberships, etc.

--> "Overview of Types of Research Achievements" in Intranet (access for JKU employees only, German only): An overview of all types of research achievements in FoDok is available in Intranet, Research Support.

How Do I Search for a Certain Individual’s Research Accomplishments?
FoDok primarily provides an overview of research accomplishments and research departments. You can conduct a search by entering a researcher’s name. Enter the name(s) (and – if applicable – the initials of that individual’s first name) in the search field Quick Search or in Detailed Search and click on "Search".
Please note that information, search structure and collected information could result in incomplete or distorted search results:
  • For example, a search for "Hans Müller" will show results for research in which persons such as "Hans Huber" and "Markus Müller" took part in.
  • A search for "H. Müller"; no results will appear if the individual is saved as "Hans Müller" in the database.
We therefore recommend searching for research accomplishments by person via the Wissenschafterinnen und Wissenschafter websites where there are special tools for advance searches .
Can External Authors/Lecturers/Participants be Entered in FoDok?
Yes, providing the corresponding research has been conducted together with a JKU researcher.
How Do I Search for Research Accomplishments by Department?
Select Research Departments from the menu and navigate the JKU’s organizational structure.
Who is Responsible for Entering and Updating Information?
Each research department is responsible for entering and updating information.
How do I Track Research in FoDok?
Only authorized JKU employees can enter research information in FoDok. The department head will allocate authorization.
My Research is not in FoDoK’s Public Area?
This could be due to a number of reasons, for example:
  • The person at the department responsible for entering information has not yet entered your research accomplishments in FoDok.
  • Your research accomplishments have been entered but not yet reviewed and authorized by the department head.
  • Your research accomplishments have been entered in to FoDok but not yet marked as "publicly visible".
Contact the department head responsible for entering your research in to FoDok!
Research Accomplishments are Listed under "Forschungseinheiten" and "Detailsuche", but not under "Wissensbilanz"?
The section "Wissensbilanz" contains only certain types of research accomplishments that have been reviewed and approved for FoDok by a certain deadline.
Information entered at a later date – even if the information is approved – cannot be taken into account.
Can Research Information be Edited?
Yes, information entered in FoDok can be edited by the responsible institute (such as adding/deleting authors or changing research departments, changing/supplementing detailed information, etc.) It is not necessary to delete and re-enter new information!
Changes in the following navigational areas Quick Search, Advance Search and Research Departments must be reviewed and approved by the department head. Under “Wissensbilanz“ the changes will have no influence as according the specifications set in the regulations, the dataset for that respective reporting year will be displayed until a certain date and subsequent changes will not be taken into account.
How Can I Delete Information Entered in FoDok?
To delete information entered in FoDok, please send an e-mail to: fodok(/\t) Please include the URL and a brief reason stating why the information is to be deleted.
I Have Questions - Who Can I Contact?
Please send an e-mail to fodok(/\t) or contact the department of Research Support.

--> Additional Information about FoDok in Intranet (access to JKU employees only, German only): Additional information (overview of research achievement types, FoDok Guidelines, FoDok workshops, FoDok newsletter,..) available in Intranet, Research Support.