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Research Funding "Stammtisch", November 23, 2017, 2:00 PM See: Info Sessions


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Research Achievements

JKU research achievements are available under Institutes, Departments and Centers as well as at the Faculty of Medicine (currently in development). A structure is embedded within these organizational units that fulfill planning, coordination, and service tasks.

In order to provide the wide range of research services, different forms of access and presentation are necessary:

  • The Annual Report contains the university's legal duties in accordance with corporate accounting.
  • The Intellectual Capital Report is a tool for the holistic representation, assessment, and communication of intangible assests, performance processes and their impact.
  • The Research Documentation System (FoDok) is a publicly accessible database making research achievement available according to the following categories (publications, presentations, projects, scientific community services, inventions).
  • Honors & Awards document the high level of research being conducted by researchers and scientists at the JKU.