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Research Funding "Stammtisch", November 23, 2017, 2:00 PM See: Info Sessions


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Research Infrastructure

Key prerequisites for many areas of research and research infrastructures in regards to equipment, facilities, and services.
Development and expansion of efficient infrastructures are also currently the subject of strategic research policy decision.

University Library

The University Library is a central research facility enabling free access to materials, research services, and reports on academic and scientific achievements.

Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy's Research Infrastructure Database

Since 2011, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy has maintained a portal listing large equipment and core facilities available at Austrian research institutions.
Since the beginning in 2016, the Ministry has been operating a publicly accessible website to provide information:

MERIL - Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape

Cross-border coordination and cooperation is a driving force behind the EU's R&D policy and aims to strengthen Europe to become an attractive and successful destination for world-class research.
The public portal MERIL ("Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape") provides an overview of existing scientific research capacities designed to help scientists locate and access equipment and services they need to support their research as well as inform policy makers on how funding has been appropriated.
Research infrastructures listed in the MERIL portal (including a few from the JKU) have been identified as being of "greater than national relevance". They are required to offer access to external scientific and academic users, both in Austria and from abroad.