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COMET - Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies

In regards to all cooperation efforts, the JKU greatly values the link between base knowledge research of the highest quality with cooperative research in pre-competitive areas. The successful acquisition of centers and projects in the context of COMET programs is of significant importance in lieu of the JKU's strategic objectives.

The program is comprised of three speedlines primarily differentiated by the facility's demands in regards to internationality, project volume and time span:

K2 Centers

K2 Centers focus on long-term, focused research cooperation efforts in science and business to sustainably strengthen research locations in Austria and keep pace with global competition. The objective is outstanding achievement at the highest scientific-technological level.

The JKU is currently involved in the following K2-Centers:

K1 Centers

K1 Centers focus on viable scientific and technological developments in regards to future-related markets.

In this regard, the JKU institutes work in the context of their core compentencies within the following centers:

The following K1 Centers with JKU involvement are now closed:

K Projects

JKU's participation in K Projects offers range for new ideas with future development potential in the field of cooperative research. The strategic objective is a sustainable competitive profile in mid-term perspectives.

The JKU is currently involved in the following K Projects:

The following "K Projects" with JKU participation have been completed: