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Research Funding "Stammtisch", November 23, 2017, 2:00 PM See: Info Sessions


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Fields of Excellence

The main, strategic objective is to continue the JKU’s steady rise to become a top-rated European university. The base criteria is excellence in research and the JKU is committed to focusing on research in six fields of excellence that have a broad base in content as well as focus on fields in which researchers and scientists at the JKU are conducting internationally recognized and outstanding research:

  • Computation in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Management & Innovation
  • Mechatronics and Information Processing
  • Nano, Bio and Polymer Systems: From Structure to Function
  • Social Systems, Markets and Welfare States
  • Business Law

There is a leading faculty in each field of excellence and strong vision of conducting interdisciplinary research with institutes at other faculties with strengths in related fields of excellence.

These research priorities began in a bottom-up process which combined core compentencies at the JKU with cross-institute topics at both a faculty and inter-faculty level.