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Research Funding "Stammtisch", November 23, 2017, 2:00 PM See: Info Sessions


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Research Support (FUN): Areas of Responsibility, Services for JKU Employees

We provide advising and support services to the Rectorate, institutes and departments at JKU Central Services in the following areas: research funding programs, research documentation and reporting systems as well as intellectual property rights, research cooperation efforts and technology transfer.
We are responsible for the website under the heading "Research" (see the main menu bar also) and we provide a comprehensive overview of research being conducted at the JKU Linz. We are also responsible for the Intranet site "Research Support" (access for JKU employees only) that includes JKU related information, documents, presentations, etc.

Research Funding

  • Advising Services: for questions and concerns regarding research funding (during all project phases, general funding opportunities,..), by phone, by e-mail or in personlich.
    - see "Contact" below
  • Application Review Services: for research projects in the CDG, ERC, FWF, OeAD, ÖNB programs.
    Information about application review services at the JKU (Intranet, access for JKU employees only)
  • Newsletter Research Funding: The newsletter is currently sent every three weeks and contains information on current calls in research funding programs, current information and information on implementing projects, events,..
    If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please send an e-mail to: forschen(/\t) (for JKU employees only).
    Past issues available in Intranet, Research Support
  • Information in Intranet, Research Support (for JKU employees only):
    Current Calls & Information: Calls and information as well as info sessions we would like to highlight in particular.
    Workflow Research Projects Compilation of JKU related information aimed to support the application and management of externally funded projects.
    Glossary (A-Z): Alphabetically listed information on applying for and managing projects.
    Information about Funding: FWF, FFG, EU programs (guidelines for H2020, FP7, Erasmus+ projects,..), Upper Austrian Government, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, University Fonds, JKU, AXA.
  • Events, Workshop Sessions:
    - see "Events, Workshop Sessions" below

Research Documentation (FoDok)

  • Advising Services: for questions and concerns about the JKU’s FoDok system (entering/deleting information on research, registration and monitoring rights,..), contact us by phone, per e-mail, or come by in person.
    - see "Contact"
  • FoDok Newsletter: appears 4x a year and contains news and updated information as well as reference information about the FoDok system.
    If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter please send an e-mail to: forschen(/\t) (for JKU employees only).
    To view a summary, see Intranet, Research Support
  • Information in Intranet, Research Support (for JKU employees only): FoDok authorization, university inventions/patents in FoDok, deleting information on research, types of research performance, FoDok guidelines,..
    See Intranet, Research Support
  • FoDok Workshops:
    - see "Events, Workshop Sessions"

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), Registering an Invention

  • Advising Services: If you have questions or concerns regarding IPR (university inventions, registering an invention, patents, inventor’s bonus,..), call, e-mail, or see us in person.
    See our website “Research”, Team (please contact a patent scout in your field)
  • IPR Information in Intranet, Research Support (for JKU employees only): the JKU’s IPR strategies, university inventions, registering an invention, the Stage Gate process, inventor’s bonus,..
    See Intranet, Research Support
  • EVents:
    - See "Events, Workshop Sessions"

Events, Workshops

Information on all current events is available on the website "Research", Current News.
For summaries of past events, please see Intranet, Research Support.

  • Events, info sessions on funding programs and project management, ...
  • FoDok workshops: learn more about how the system works, how to correctly categorize research achievements in the FoDok system, and how information is controlled and released.
  • Information sessions on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • JKU "New Employee" Elective Class: Introduction of the Dept. of Research Support, incl. information on funding programs. Elective class for any "new" JKU employees interested in the topic. See Personnel Development.





E-Mail Address

Research Funding, IPR Administration

Bernhard Nussbaumer



Research Funding

Gabriela Küng



Research Funding (H2020: Column 1)

Monika Blaimschein



Research Documentation and Reporting

Daniela Steiner




Sarah Gabauer



Employee Inventions

Patent Scouts

See: Patent Scouts

See: Patent Scouts

Knowledge Transfer Center West (WTZ-West) JKU Project Team


See: WTZ-West

See: WTZ-West

Science Editor

Ingrid Abfalter

See: Science Editor

See: Science Editor


E-Mail Address


Questions/Concerns for the Dept. of Research Support


Monika Blaimschein, Gabriela Küng, Sarah Gabauer, Bernhard Nussbaumer, Daniela Steiner

Questions/Concerns regarding Research Documentation (FoDok)


Daniela Steiner, Sandra Winzer (IM)