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Designing a Homepage with Pep – Texts and Design for the WWW

As a homepage editor do you find your job increasingly entails writing online texts? In that case, you should learn more about the most important criteria when it comes to online publishing! Where are the specifics in online texts? What strategies are there in order to ensure comprehensibility and successful communication? How do I best place elements such as texts, graphics, links, etc.? The course will address these and other questions. You will learn simple rules and get professional tips and advice to create an effective homepage and write target group oriented texts.

Course Objective

The course focuses on learning more about and understanding the specifics of online publishing. The course teaches participants how to cater to and address the needs of online readers.

Target Group

Faculty and staff who are responsible for content design and maintaining the department/institute’s homepage.


  • How do internet users read screens/special news online?
  • How do I write texts that will best reach my target group?
  • Writing for the Web
  • Strategies and structures for online texts
  • Suitable online text formulation
  • Using graphic elements
  • Copyright protection