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Linz University Funds

In order to provide financial resources for the construction and operation of the College of Social and Economic Sciences in Linz, federal law of July 5, 1962, BGBl. No. 189 officially authorized the “Linz University Funds” as a corporate body of public law.

Since then, activities and scientific pursuits have been financed not only by the provincial government of Upper Austria, but also by research contributions made by local companies as well as communities located throughout Upper Austria.

During the first few decades, the main focus lay in the development and execution of crucial programs in cooperation with the construction of additional university buildings.

Today, the Linz University Fund supports the government of Upper Austria and the City of Linz as viable locations for research and development. The University Fund also focuses on creating and strengthening university education and continual education as well develop comprehensive educational programs.

Particular attention is being paid to areas of innovation and innovative ideas in development, technology, innovative education as well as supporting international activities and mobility of university faculty and alumni.

Governing Bodies

Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees consists of 9 members from the State of Upper Austria and members appointed by the Linz city government. The Board of Trustees consists of other members appointed by the board’s management.

Executive Board: Presidents:

Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Governor of Upper Austria
MMag. Klaus Luger, Mayor of the Provincial Capital of Linz


Dr. Erich Watzl, State Office Director
Dr. Julius Stieber, Director of Culture

Location & Contact:

Ulrike Hartl
Angelika Landl

A-4021 Linz, Bahnhofplatz 1,
Center for Civic Services, Rm. 2A336;
Ph.: 0732/7720-15725 or 15726;
e-mail: hochschulfonds(/\t)