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Works Council

The Works Council is an active organization comprised of members of the university workforce who are committed to safeguarding, supporting and representing the economic, social, health, wellbeing and cultural interests of university employees.

The Role of the Works Council

The legal grounds in support of the Works Council's activities is regulated by the Labor Relations Act (German: =Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz). The Works Council enables university employees to participate and have a direct say in the development and management of the university’s operational system.

The Works Council also functions as an “advocate” for employees’ interests in relation to management. These interests include protecting the rights of individual employees who find themselves at a disadvantage due to an employer’s decision.

The Works Council is dedicated to its role in representing university employees’ interests, particularly individual interests. Members of the Works Council guarantee all employees absolute discretion and confidentiality in regards to their individual situations and personal details.

In addition to representing the entire university workforce and individual employees, the Works Council advises, steers, communicates and acts as a mediator. Simply put, the Works Council serves as the link between the university workforce and university management.