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Duties of the JKU In-House Physician

Dr. Alexandra Müllner

K034/035 B
Ph.: +43 732 2468 4496
Office Hours: Mo- Di. :9:00- 11:00

Overview of Duties and Responsibilities of the In-House Physician:

In compliance with the laws designed to protect university and federal employees, the company physician's duties include:

Counseling, advising and support services for all university employers and employees in all issues regarding health and safety, as well as remain available to answer all questions for those involved in the area of safety. My goal is to provide, maintain and support health and safety at the workplace.

Advising and counseling services include:

  • Issues regarding ergonomics (designing workstations, indoor temperature, lighting…)
  • Detection and assessment of health hazards in the workplace
  • Detection of work-related causes of illness as well as compiling measures to minimize work-related health problems.
  • Advising in the selection of personal protective equipment (if necessary)
  • Organizing first-aid courses
  • Consultation regarding vaccinations, performing vaccinations (incl. vaccinations required for traveling)
  • Personal consultation, if necessary

Please Note:

I would like reiterate that as the JKU's in-house physician, I am required to keep all personal medical information confidential.