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First Aid

Chain of Survival

  1. Lifesaving emergency procedures
  2. Call emergency services
  3. Administer first aid
  4. Rescue team, paramedics and medical transport arrives
  5. Medical treatment by a doctor

Life Saving Emergency Procedures

Loss of Consciousness

Reaction Test: Reaction, Communication, Response.
Procedure: clear airways (to reduce the risk of suffocation) and stabilize the person in a side position, continually check breathing and circulation.

Cardiac Arrest - the heart stopped beating

Symptoms: no reaction, no breathing activity, no cardiac activity
Procedure: mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac massage:

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation must be given in intervals

Resuscitation 2x – 30x cardiac massage

Stop the bleed by applying pressure using your hand or fingers, quickly apply a pressure bandage or bind the wound (using material at least 6 cm wide!)
Stop the bleeding as quickly as possible, treat the wound, help the person find a pain-free position
Loosen any tight articles of clothing
Find a source of fresh air, calm and soothe the person and help the person breathe slowly and deeply.

First Aid Kits

In compliance with Austrian law, if someone is hurt, wounded or suddenly falls ill, all employees must provide first aid. The university is required to provide all means and services necessary to allow employees to fulfil their obligation of providing First Aid.

The university has provided an appropriate number of First Aid kits located around campus.

First Aid Kits

  • all first aid kits are full stocked,
  • all first aid kits are clean, fully stocked and kept in sanitary condition,
  • all first aid kits are unlocked,
  • all first aid kits are mobile and include a carrying strap,
  • all first aid kits are appropriately and clearly marked,
  • all first aid kits are visible and durable,
  • all first aid kits are marked with a white cross in the middle of a green square,
  • all first aid kits are clearly marked “Erste Hilfe” (First Aid),
  • Standard description, i.e., First Aid kit ÖNORM Z 1020

First aid kits must be clearly visible and located in easily accessible areas. Please check the contents regularly for completeness, undamaged packaging and ensuring everything is in working condition and can be used.
(Notes can be made on the included content card).
Medicines are not to be stored inside of first aid kits
The name of the first aid provider, telephone number, accident reporting station, doctor and hospital should be legible inside or next to the first aid kit.

Selecting the size of the first aid kit will depend on the type of injury and the number of persons in the company. In compliance with Ö-Norm Z1020, the recommendation is Type 1 (up to 5 employees) and Type 2 (6 - 20 employees). For companies with more than 20 employees the number of available first aid kits should correspond to a standard gauge and other company factors.
Areas that could be considered at higher risk for injury must also be provided with additional equipment such as arm and leg splints, plated bandages, eye flushing bottles, and an emergency kit.

The contents of the first aid kit can be checked with the included content card. If new supplies are needed, please contact the Department for Employee Protection and Safety.

Renate Schrottenholzer
Rm.: KG 106
Ext.: 4490

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