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Login to Diverse IT Services at JKU

Beschreibung: Students and Staff at JKU can access eResources on and off campus.

Terms of Use:

Logging on externally will allow access that is subject to the licensing conditions of electronic content!
Please abide by the following licensing provisions:
This access is valid exclusively for you as a student or affliliated with JKU, the search results list and full texts are for your personal use only and to be printed or saved for research purposes only.

Downloading large volumes of data (multiple 100 search hits, complete newpaper volumes in full text, complete chapters from electronic books) is prohibited; the frequent printing or saving, by Robots in particular, is prohibited.
Articles may not be distributed either electronically or in hard copy to any third party.
The results fromliterature searches that subject to licensing agreement information sources may not be made available on easily accessible websites.
Please protect your passwords and do not give them to colleagues or non-university affiliated persons! Do notallow non-affiliated university persons to conduct research using your passwords!