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1. Tap "Settings" on your Android.

2. Scroll down until you see "Accounts & Synchronization" and tap on it.

3. Tap the "+" symbol located in the upper right corner:

4. Tap on "Exchange ActiveSync":

5. Now enter your e-mail address and your password and tap on "Next":

Die erforderlichen Server-Einstellungen werden jetzt vom System automatisch auf Ihr Mobiltelefon übertragen.

The required server settings will be automatically transferred from the system to your mobile phone.

6. You will see everything that is synchronized. If applicable, select what you want to and do not want to synchronize and then tap on "Next":

7. Give your sync account a name (such as: JKU).
         If you already have one or more accounts in use you can select whether or not you want to make the JKU account your default account.
         Tap on "Exit Device"

You have now set up your JKU GroupWise e-mail account on your Android device.

If the mobile phone's automatic account setup does not work, proceed as follows:

  • The device's internet access should be working, optional WiFi (on campus via eduroam) or a mobile data connection.

The following settings can be used on the mobile device:

Set up an "exchange account" using the following information:

  • E-Mail: your personal, complete JKU E-mail address
  • Server Name:
  • Domain: empty (or freely select one)
  • User Name: Novell User Account Number (ak…)
  • Password: Novell password, at this point use the new password any time you change it
  • SSL Connection: activate