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Conference Booking System

To facilitate the registration procedure for conference, the Department of Information Management/User Systems has developed a web shop product for the ZMS system.

Simple Registration Procedure

Conference participants can easily follow register procedures. The user can select the preferred conference section from a list of items in the respective price category. After selection, the user will be asked to enter personal information and provided with options to reserve a room. The user will then be given payment options. Afterwards, the system automatically sends confirmation.

Online Payment via Credit Card or E-Banking Services

The organizer can define methods of payment, for example: Wirecard-Qpay (online payment per credit card, EPS following an order) or payment upon receipt (Note: the demonstration modus contains additional payment options however, the real system used by the JKU does not support all of these options).
As system operator, you can download current order, registration, and address lists at any time. To complete additional procedures (billing, …) the corresponding accounting records will be automatically forwarded to the JKU’s financial services offices.

Up to Approximately 100 Items

Organizers maintain and update their information, meaning the selectable event section in the system. Due to the simplicity of the surface and performance reasons, the maximum number of various items is around 100. Individual items can be viewed in the contigent.

How Do I Access The Conference Booking System?

application/pdfHow do I Access the Conference Booking System (79KB, Brief description and checklist to create a web shop, German only)