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Frequently Asked Questions

General Organizational Information:

1. How Do I Register for a JKU Design Homepage (using the ZMS system?

Access the Intranet system via, Courses for Employees, for a class in homeage design (""Homepage gestalten im JKU-Design (ZMS)". You will not need a specific program to create your homepage; your web browser is sufficient.
During the training course you will have practiced with a specially created node (“Training Homepage – Schulungshomepage”) which you can use for a longer period for practice purposes.
If you wish to pursue this method of creating a homepage, please contact the Web Office ( and provide institute or department information in order to begin creating the homepage.

  • Name and abbreviation of the institute
  • the person responsible for homepage maintenance
  • if applcable, the URL of your current homepage
  • in which language would like to create your homepage (German, German and English, English only)

You will then receive the web address of your new homepage per e-mail, as well as all access date necessary to log in.

2. What Programs Are Required to Create my New Homepage?

The Content Management System ZMS has been implemented to create your institute’s internet presence and no additional program installation is required. Your web browser is sufficient; we recommend using Mozilla Firefox.

3. How Do I Log On?

For security reasons, access to the ZMS system is only available on campus and cannot be accessed from home!

LOG ON: Enter your institute’s web link in your browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox) that was sent to you via e-mail by the Web Office (i.e. . xyz).
In the top left corner, you will see a link to the log-in page.
On the page "Login in verschiedene Systeme" (“Log on to different systems”) and under “Inhaltseinpflege JKU Web-Seiten” (“JKU homepage maintenance”), select the link “ZMS-Login”.
Your user name is your AK-Number and your password is your eDirectory password (Novell, WLAN, KUSSS, eWork, SAP-VPN, Intranet, u:book, WLAN, eBib).
If you have successfully entered this information, you will access your homepage.
In the middle section, next to the title (name of your institute), you will see a small yellow pencil icon.
Click on the pencil icon to access the editing mask in order to continue homepage maintenance.

LOG OUT: If you are in the “preview mode” (Vorschaumodus), click on “Log Out” (located to the left of your AK-number).

4. Aside From the Training Course, Where Do I Find Out About New Developments and Obtain New Information on the ZMS System?

  • Training materials will be provided during homepage training sessions
  • Guidelines and a quick user guide can be found on the JKU homepage under Universität -> Service -> IT-Services -> Web Service

5. Can My “Old” Institute Homepage Address Be Used for the New (ZMS) Pages?


6. Is My ZMS Homepage Barrier Free?

Yes! You can find additional information on pg. 5 of the Tutorial ("Selbstmarketing: Homepage gestalten im JKU-Design") you received as training material for the homepage workshop.
If you cannot find your course material, or you have an older version, (from training courses held before January 2009), please contact the Web Office: weboffice(/\t)

7. How Do I Translate Our Institute/Department’s Homepage into English? What Is the Current Policy and Procedure?

Please note that there is a difference between departments and the organizational units of central services and institutes / JKU centers.
All content of the JKU homepage that is maintained by organizational units of central services will be translated by an on-staff translator (Dept. of University Communications and Marketing) at JKU. Please contact Ms. Nadine Lichtenberger (Ext. 9919).
Institutes can also apply for a new node and must decide on one of three variations:
- German homepage
- German/English homepage
- English homepage
Each institute is responsible for translating their own institute homepages.

8. Are there any sample homepages available for viewing in ZMS?

Yes, here you will a find a listing of all websites.

Information Regarding Homepage Content:

2. My modifications do not appear when I am logged out of the system (meaning in the viewing mask). What do I do?

If you wish to change the structural form (create or change folders, team pages, and overview), a “navigation update” is required to update the navigation bar (menu bar).
This is the last entry in the drop-down box of your task bar (where all of the special objects and tasks are located). Updates are not carried out immediately but in increments of 10 minutes and it can take a few minutes before the correct menu appears on your homepage.
If you wish make small changes - such as editing a text box, adding/deleting a photo, adding a download or other side bar objects - please first log out from the editing section.
You can re-fresh your homepage by a so-called "Force Reload" by simultaneously pressing the keys STRG (CTRL) + F5 (Internet Explorer), SHIFT + F5 (Mozilla Firefox) and Apple + R (Safari).

2. Why don’t previously saved texts appear in the table?

If texts do not appear on the visitor pages (when logged out), you must re-save the chart.
Go to "Tabelle bearbeiten" and click the button “Speichern” (save) located in the bottom left part of the table. Log out and proceed to re-fresh your page via "Force Reload" by simultaneously pressing the keys STRG + F5 (Internet Explorer), SHIFT + F5 (Mozilla Firefox) or the keys "apple" + R (Safari).
The text should now appear above the table.

3. When using Internet Explorer 8 and/or Mozilla Firefox, why does the table heading appear below the table even after having selected “above”?

We are currently working on a solution to this particular problem.
At the moment there is only one alternative and that is instead of placing the caption above the table create a text box and enter your heading/caption. In the drop-down menu next to “text”, select “Überschrift 3”. The fields "Beschriftung" and "Ausrichtung" will remain empty in the table.

4. Can I create additional team pages on the institute homepage, meaning a team page for each corresponding department?

On the first level there can only be one team page within the institute that offers a subdivision of groups (management, administration, researchers, etc.). Within these groups, you can enter individual institute employees.
This mandatory page on the first level is an individual page that may not contain subpages or folders.
If your institute is comprised of various departments, you can add an additional team page per department. Within one or more groups, associated persons may only be entered once as they will be incorporated within additional groups.
The incorporation is carried out under "Untergruppe" by "Zugehörige" via the task "Neu zu Untergruppe" and then selecting "Verknüpfung zu Mitarbeiter"

5. Where can I find out which photos can be used on my homepage and which photos violate copyright laws?

Information, details and rules of conduct can be found in the bulletin Rundschreiben 19/2008: "Verwendung von Werken/Urheberrechtsschutz" or requested in print copy at the Legal Department, Ext. 3320.

6. How large may all of the uploaded images/photos on the homepage be?

In order to best display all uploaded images/photos, please note the following:
a) Cover Image: W x H = 1000 x 90 pixels, whereby generally the left half to two-thirds of the image will be visible, ensuring the most important part of the image appears.
b) Institute Logo: W x H = 100 x 50 pixels, which will appear to the right next to the JKU logo.
Use the special field "WWW-Site-Eigenschaften" to upload your cover image and institute logo.
c) Teaser: in the field "Bild mit Text" the image should be no larger than W x H = 66 x 66 pixels, whereby a maximum width of up to 200 pixels is permitted.
For the field "Werbebanner" in the teaser use: W x H = 150 x 50 pixels
d) For images in the content area (middle column): the maximum width is 490 pixels. If you wish for a more detailed appearance, you can also upload the image in HighRes.
On your homepage, there will be a magnifying glass icon next to the image. When visitors click on the magnifying glass, the image will be displayed in higher quality.

7. Why do photos on the Team pages appear distorted/compressed?

Photos uploaded to the Team pages need to be in the format w x h = 80 x 100 pixels.
If the photos are any other size they may appear distorted.

8. Can images/photos appear in higher quality resolution?

see Question 6.d)

9. Question: Which file formats are available?




pdf, ppt, pps, xls, doc, csv


jpg, gif, png, bitmap


wmv, mov, mpeg, avi


wave, mp3

10. Can we create a photo gallery on our institute homepage?

At the moment you may not include a photo gallery on your homepage.
However, you can create a folder and add individual images (which you can title and add a web link, and upload in high resolution, etc.)

11. How do I enter a web link in regards to information located in the JKU Intranet system (a password protected area)?

Select "Web Link" from the drop-down list.
In the field "URL", enter the web address to be hyperlinked to JKU Intranet (these always begin with:
The easiest method would be to copy the web address out of your browser and paste it into the URL field.
As this is a special link referring to a password protected area (register using your AK Number and Novell password), the address must include the following:


In effect, it looks like this:

In addition, you can provide a title and short description as well as indicate that a new window should be opened!

12. What elements do I use to create a teaser (right column)?

Select from the following elements:

  • Image with text (7 max. will be shown)
  • News (7 max. will be shown)
  • Banner (3 max. will be shown)
  • Download
  • Web link

Please note that by inserting many elements, the right column can become too long!
In the interest of maintaining a consistent look, conform the text to the height of the middle text section.

Structural Appearance:

1. Where do I found out how to structure my homepage?

You can find out about the structure of your homepage during the ZMS training course or download pdf files on our homepage titled "Leitfaden zur Inhaltseinpflege für Abteilungen der Zentralen Dienste" (Guidelines - Homepage Maintenance for Central Service Departments) or "Leitfaden zur Inhaltseinpflege für Institute" (Guidelines – Homepage Maintenance for Institutes).


1. When using the JKU search functions for faculty and staff, why can I not find information on JKU staff ?

When searching for JKU faculty or staff, all active JKU staff members are listed.
If you would like to update your information, please contact us.

  • Please contact Mr. Christian Kern in regards to room and telephone number changes
  • Please contact Mr. Lucas Mayr in regards to website link changes for your department

2. I have discovered a content mistake on the JKU homepage. Who can I contact?

If you have discovered a content mistake on the JKU homepage, please contact Content Management (Ms. Sabine Leitner).
On the page containing the content mistake you can find the name of the responsible department at the bottom of the page in the section "Last Updated on ... by ..."