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Central Compute Server (SGI Altix UV1000)

SGI Altix UV1000

On October 17, 2011, the computing server SGI Altix UltraViolet 1000 for scientific computing at the JKU campus was officially unveiled and activated during a ceremony held at the JKU campus (also see: OOE.ORF.AT and OOe Nachrichten).

The machines were acquired and operate in cooperation with the Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck as well as the Austrian Centre for Scientific Computing (ACSC).

The computer system is comprised for 4 computer cabinets which house a total of 128 closely operating blades containing 2 processor sockets each. Atop each of the 256 sockets there is an 8-core Xeon WestmereEX processor. A fifth computer cabinet contains the permanent storage.

Hardware Equipment:

  • Computer Type: SGI Altix UltraViolet 1000 high performance computer (according to Flynn it is an MIMD) consisting of a total of 128 blades housed in 4 cabinets (see symbolic image above); a single instance in the high performance operating system Linux/x86_64 (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11) integrates the existing hardware to a single system image.
  • Processors: 256 Intel Xeon E78837 (WestmereEX) (pulse: 2.66GHz; 24MB L3 cache) with 8 cores each (equals 2048 calculation engines); 2 of the 8 core processors house 128 blades.
  • Main Storage: 16 TeraByte RAM (global shared memory; issued as ccNUMA on the basis of a sgi's NUMAlink5-architecture); the RAM is in proportion to 128 GigaByte each within the 128 blades; a diagram on the storage hierarchy can be found in Chapter 3 of the User Manual.
  • Permanent Storage: a total of 96 hard drives (2000GB; SAS - serial attached SCSI) are in the 2 SGI IS5000 storage units and serve as the data system's foundation.
  • Network: per GigaBit ethernet (copper) linked to JKU's campus LAN system

Additional details can be found in this profile of the system's performance data

and on the homepage for the model series Altix UltraViolet by the manufacturer.

SGI Altix4700

[February 2016:] After almost 9 years of successful operation, the Intel Itanium2-based SGI Altix 4700 has been taken offline.


Hardware Equipment - SGI Altix 4700

Computer Type

Altix 4700 High Performance Computer (MIMD) consisting of a total of 64 blades housed in 2 racks
(see illustration above)


128 Intel Itanium2 Montecito processors (pulse: 1,6GHz; 18MB L3 Cache) with 2 cores each (256 computer cores); 2 of these dual core processors are house in 64 blades (see performance data)

Main Storage

1 TeraByte RAM (Global Shared Memory; issued as ccNUMA on the basis of a sgi's blade-to-NUMAlink-architecture);
of RAM is in proportion to 16 GigaByte each within 64 blades

Permanent Storage

24 300GB SAS hard drive; issued as JBOD Infinite Storage 120S


2 x 1GigaBit (copper); 1 x 10GigaBit (fiber)

Maintenance Period

(as required) every 1st Tuesday of the month

Additional details on the Altix 4700 by the manufacturer