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Landline Phones

All rooms in buildings located on the JKU campus have network and telephone connections.
Since 2009, IM has been replacing the old Alcatel analogue telephones with new Cisco (VoIP) telephones.
The new Cisco telephones allow employees to easily plug the phone in when changing workstations (such as computers).

IM Provides the Following Services:

öffentliche Bereiche High End und Chef / Sek Apparat Standardapparat Soft Dialer und Soft Phone Konferenzapparat

In addition, wall mounted telephones for internal phone calls are available in various hallways and public areas.

Each department at the JKU will receive a monthly telephone bill.

Executive/secretary phone functions will be customized according to your requests and we will configure them in the phone. If desired, IM can provide each organization unit with virtual voicemail

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please send an e-mail to: teladmin(/\t)