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Using Mobile Phones

Standard Mobile Phones

The standard mobile phone is determined by IM at least every six months and published here. At the moment the following mobile phones are available for order:

Standard Mobile Phone:
Swisstone SC 560 (dual SIM)

Standard Smartphone:
Huawei P8 lite 2017 (dual SIM)

Additional Information  (Neues Fenster)

High-End Smartphone:
Honor 8 (dual SIM)

application/pdfTechnical Details: Honor 8 (259KB, German only)

Instructions for Mobile Phones


Übersicht Tarife Mobiltelefonieie JKU

(1) Unlimited Calls to the A1 Network
(2) After 1100 minutes of use, € 0,07 / min.
(3) After 1100 minutes of use € 0,20 / min.
(4) After 1 GB of use, € 6,00 / GB
(5) After 5 GB of use, speed reduced to a max. of 64 kb / s

Additional Data Packages for Flash Drives, Tablets, Notebooks and Call Fees




A1 Mobile Data Corporate 1

3,60 €/month

After 1 GB of Use: € 6,00 / GB

A1 Mobile Data Corporate 2U

8,40 €/month

After 5 GB of Use, Restriction to 64 kb/s

A1 Mobile Data Corporate 3U

10,80 €/month

After 10 GB of Use, Restriction to 64 kb/s

A1 Mobile Data Corporate 4U

18,00 €/month

After 20 GB of Use, Restriction to 64 kb/s

Roaming Fees

NOTE! Using a mobile phone abroad can lead to very high roaming fees! Please contact us at least one week before your trip abroad by sending an e-mail to: teladmin(/\t)

application/pdfTelephone and Internet Rates Abroad (Rates and Packages) (251KB, Telephone and Internet Rates Abroad (Rates and Packages), German only)

VAT and e-Commerce Services

For security and financial reasons, mobile VAT and e-Commerce services are blocked.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please send an e-mail to: teladmin(/\t)