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Telephone and Mobile Phone Services

All rooms in buildings on campus at the JKU have network and telephone connections. IM can provide all organizational units at the JKU with various system equipment.

In addition, wall mounted telephones for internal phone calls are available in various hallways and public areas.

If necessary, IM can issue mobile devices (mobile radios, cell phones) or mobile broadband models.

To find an employee's extension, please the JKU Directory.

Festnetz Mobil

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:

IM provides the following services:

  • Communications consulting and planning, evaluating and allocating landline/mobile phone costs at the institute and/or for employees (such as personal calls, project numbers, etc.)
  • Setting up, installing, configuring, and transfer of phone connections
  • Setting up, installing, configuring, and transfer of voicemail services and fax connections
  • Entering phone and office numbers into the information system (JKU telephone directory)
  • Registering and purchasing mobile phones and mobile broadband modems
  • Maintenance of landline connections, telephones, fax machines, and mobile phones.
  • Support in operating standard telephones and standard mobile phones.
  • We will gladly assist you in setting up your voicemail, phone conference, or screen fax.

Please note the following!

The manufacture, installiaton, configuration, and acquisition of telephone lines, voicemail, and fax connections, and registering mobile phones can take several days. See: Moving, Moving IT).

Please include your requirements at least two weeks in advance and send an e-mail to: teladmin(/\t)