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Class Recordings

Recording Lectures in the Classroom

The office of E-Learning can lend classroom recording equipment (ZOOM) and headsets to instructors for the purpose of recording classroom lectures.

Reservations: Please send an e-mail to: verleih(/\t)
Pick Up and Return: at the Juridicum Building, Ground Floor, Tract B (J007B). Please make an appointment in advance.

TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay allows you to record and publish your lecture yourself.


Camtasia (Studio) lets you record your lecture (sound and video) and edit the recording. You can publish your final version using TechSmith Relay.

By appointment, we can organize individual training sessions for institutes and groups (such as tutors, for example).


P +43 732 2468 1111

J007B (Juridicum Building, Ground Floor, Tract B)