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Micro Focus

Novell, the manufacturer of software products used by IM to operate files, e-mail, and other network services, was recently acquired by Micro Focus.

By the end of the year, Micro Focus will re-brand all Novell products to their company brand.

This transition means that all Novell products used by IM will change in appearance and in some cases, the name will change as well.

For example, "Novell Client for Windows" will become "Micro Focus Client for Open Enterprise Server for Windows" and the red N in the task bar will be replaced by a double, interlaced square.

The symbol in the task bar will look like this:

Symbol Micro Focus

When starting the installation, you will see this on your screen:

Start der Installation

Under "Currently Installed": you may see an older version of Novell Client.
Confirm installation by clicking on "Yes". You will then see the following instructions:

Installationsfenster mit Statusmeldung
Installationsfenster mit Statusmeldung

When you see this question, check the box to the left to allow the program to be installed.

Installation zulassen

You will see additional messages:

Installationsfenster mit Statusmeldung

The following message indicates that the program has been successfully installed and will require you to re-boot your computer:

Installationsfenster mit Meldung über Ende der Installation

We recommend re-starting your computer right away to avoid any issues (network access) when working on your computer.
You do not need to reboot but then you will not have full network functions available to you.

After re-starting your computer, you will see this:

Netzwerkanmeldung nach Neustart

Enter your JKU AK number in the top line and your network password in the line below.

You will see something similar to this in the taskbar:


If you have any questions regarding installation or the re-naming of Novell products, please contact the IM Service Desk by calling Ext. 1111 or send an e-mail to: servicedesk(/\t)