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Outgoing Invoice

To create an invoice or credit, open the folder "blank forms" ("Leere Formulare") in the process "Ausgangsrechnung ("Outgoing Invoice")".

Authorization approval for electronic billing is handled by Ms. Hermine Lux (Ext. 3115) and as acting representative by Mr. Franz Pomberger (Ext. 3838).

Introductory general information pertaining to billing can be found on the homepage for Financial Bookkeeping (Finanzbuchhaltung) ( at “Download” -> "Billing" -> "General Guidelines for Central Billing at JKU" :

I.) Description of Fields and Procedures

In the field "Rechnung/Gutschrift" (Billing/Credit) you will see a radio button “Rechnung” (Billing).
If you would like to issue a credit, please change to "Gutschrift" (credit).

"ID: AR0000" is the sequential number assigned by the eWork system that makes it possible to retrieval the same bill later.
This is not the SAP invoice numer that you will find on the original invoice (in paper form) under payment information,

em>"AK numbers" and the "ErstellerIn" (document owner) ( are already set and cannot be changed.

If your department needs the original SAP invoice before it can be sent by in-house mail services (in order to add attachments yourself) check the field Feldes "Original an Institut senden (send original to institute)" to be sent by in-house mail services.
If the field remains blank, FIBU will send the original invoice and you will receive a copy.

In the field "Telefon", insert your extention number to be contacted in case of questions.
If you have already completed this in your form for User Services, your extension has already been noted.

Under "Rechnungsleger/Institut für" (invoicing party/institute) ( you can select your institute and/or, if you are properly authorized, you can issue invoices and credits for others.

From the drop down menu, select "Innenauftragsnummer" (internal invoice number) and select the application to where you like to book the invoice.
If a requested number is missing, please contact Ms.Lux.

The fields "Kundenname" (customer name) and "Anschrift" (address) are to be handled like all red-framed fields in that they are mandatory to complete.
If these fields are not complete, when you send the document, you will receive an error message.

If you know your "customer number" and "UID-Number", please disclose them as well.

Via the function "Clip" you can attach a document (i.e. in .xls, .doc., .pdf format) to the invoice.
PLEASE NOTE: You may not attach more than one file!

The field "Kopftext" (header) is first and foremost for invoice titles.
In addition, this serves as an information area for Financial Services.
By adding the sentence "INFO FOR MS. LUX:......" you can indicate, for example, that you will be sending additional documents via in-house mail services or that you would like to have the invoice issued in English, etc.

The pink colored fields are

- "Positionsbezeichnung" (status indicators): i.e. educational costs, office supplies, compensation fees,...
- "Menge" (Amount)
- "Einheit" (Unit): i.e. z.B. flat rate, item, hours,...
- "Einzelpreis brutto" (net individual price)
- "Positionstext" (item text)
must be completed.

If you cannot find the status indicator you are looking for in the drop-down list, please contact Ms. Lux.
The VAT tax will be included with the status indicators in parenthesis (20), such as: Cleaning Services (20) 1872

Please also note in the Positionstext (item text) you must provide the day of deliver or any other service or the time period of the service.
By deliveries or other services that are to be invoiced over a period of time, you may just indicate the invoice period it was submitted. (See Item 4 of the guidelines for transactions of the central billing at JKU from June 7, 2006).

By clicking the button "übernehmen" (submit) the data in the field "Positionsliste" (item text) will be submitted. To submit additional items, reset and complete the pink fields.

Completed invoices, meaning your invoicing request, will be added to your task list by clicking the button "abschicken" (send) (green arrow). You can re-check your data here make any changes or cancel or send to internal accounting via the field "an Quästur".

In addition, you can create an invoice template.
You must have already created an outgoing invoice that was sent to Financial Accounting Services, subsequently processed and marked "Completed".
Proceed to your status list in the folder "Ausgangsrechnung" (outgoing invoices).
You will see issued and processed invoices and credits. Select the form you wish to create a template for.
By clicking the button "Vorlage erstellen" (create template) left at the bottom of the form and naming the document, you can save the invoice.
The next time you issue an invoice/credit, see all of your issued templates in its own window and as its own field on the form.

Invoices in English:

You can either:
make your request directly on the form (ie writing in the header: "INFO FOR MS. LUX: Invoice in English") to indicate you would like the invoice issued in English otherwise Financial Accounting Services will refer to the customer name and address and automatically issue the English translation.
(This means you can complete the form, for example, partially in English as well as German).
For international conferences, invoices will automatically be issued in English.

After you send (Abschicken) your completed form, it will be sent to Bearbeitung in die Finanzbuchhaltung (processing by Financial Accounting Services). You will be notified by e-mail (Re: "Outgoing Invoice AR..... by AK10....., name of invoicing party) that your request will be processed.

In the order of which they are received and verification of the provided information in accordance with plausibility and all laws pertaining thereto, the information will be entered in the SAP System.

If Financial Accounting Services has questions in regards to your invoice or needs to double-check invoice items, the invoicing party will be informed per e-mail (Re: "Rectification of your outgoing invoice AR11333") that the invoice needs to be corrected.
In general, Financial Accounting Services does not make changes!

You will find the form to be corrected in its original form in the Task List.
Click on the field "nachbessern" (edit) in the upper most navigation bar or the field "Rechnung bearbeiten" (edit invoice) in the lower line, the document will open and you can then proceed to make the necessary changes.
After you re-save the document, you will find the edited invoice in the task list. You can send the document by clicking "an Quästur" to be processed and then forwarded to Financial Accounting Services.

When the SAP entry has been successfully processed, there is an automatic printout of the original invoice and corresponding copy.
If you require the original SAP invoice before it can be sent by in-house mail services (to, for example, add additional documentation), please check the field "Original an Institut senden" ("send original to institute") to be sent by in-house mail services.
If the field remains empty, FIBU will send the original invoice and you will receive a copy.

When the requested invoice has been em>processed, the invoicing party will be informed per e-mail: (Re: "Outgoing Invoice AR10318 processed by lux")

With the proper authorization you can access all of your invoices, plus invoices completed by colleagues using the same cost account number in the Status List (the folder with the "eye symbol").

Here you will find all of the invoice data and details, including a history of the entire work flow.

II.) Contact

Ms. Hermine LUX
Finanzbuchhaltung (Financial Accounting Services)
Ext: 3115

Proxy: Ms. Anita GROSSHAUPT
Finanzbuchhaltung (Financial Accounting Services)
Ext: 3121