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Computer Purchase Requisition

The application form to request computer equipment for your designated work station (including requesting a completely new system as well as replacing individual components) can be found in the folder "Leere Formulare" (=empty forms) under "EDV_Bedarfsmeldung"

I.) Description

The first part of the form (heading) contains a purchase requisition number (="Bedarfsmeldungsnummer") (successive numbering) and an issue date (="Ausstellungsdatum").

The second part of the heading contains the following information that cannot be changed by the applicant:

- Department
- Contact person
- Cost tracking number
- Responsible person for the cost tracking number
- Phone Number
- Department Secretary
Should the one or the other gray field be incomplete (aside from the name of the responsible person for the cost tracking number) please enter the missing information via "User Services" otherwise the form cannot be sent off.

If no "responsible person for the cost tracking number" is listed, please contact the eWork Support Team otherwise the form cannot be sent off.

In addition, it is possible for someone else in the same department or with the same cost tracking number to complete and submit a purchase requisition form. This means that the "work station user" can select a person from the department employee list (from the drop down menu).
If you would like to order a standard work station for someone not yet at JKU (i.e. someone in the process of being hired at the JKU), select the option “Person to be hired” (="Person wird noch eingestellt") from the menu options.

Information in the fields outlined in red ("phone number of the standard work station", "extent of employment in %", "office number" and "paid by third-party funds") are mandatory.

In the third section you will be asked to submit your equipment request.
You can find detailed information on STANDARD HARDWARE here.

You can choose from the following computer equipment:

- monitor only
- PC only (desktop, standard notebook, high end notebook)
- MAC only (desktop, high end desktop, standard notebook, high end notebook)
- PC and/or MAC and monitor

Any additional costs incurred for all high-end products installed as standard work station equipment must be paid for by the department!

The fourth section contains questions regarding the current equipment at that particular work station.

The field "Kein Arbeitsplatz vorhanden" (=no work station available) must be checked if you are to start working at an additional work station (i.e. at another institute/department) and your successor there previously had no computer work station.
PLEASE NOTE: computers paid for by third-party funding or other funding sources count as a workstation!

If your computer workstation is to be completely exchanged for a new one, the following information must be provided (for desktop computers as well as notebooks):

- year of purchase and the monitor inventory number
- year of purchase and the PC/MAC inventory number

If your institute or department does not have a complete equipment inventory list on hand, you can find the information either in the SAP system in the cost tracking report under "Anlagenstand" (=current equipment)<(em> or on the yellow “inventory sticker” located on the back of each desktop computer, monitor and notebook.

Since the end of 2003, all computer equipment has been tagged with a yellow inventory sticker containing the department/institute name, cost tracking number, inventory number and year of purchase (the first two digits after the slash).

The new stickers (containing a bar code) include the following information:
- Owner (University of Linz) and the inventory number
- Identifier (i.e. standard work station + year of purchase + any addition integrated special equipment)
- Cost tracking number from the account with which the equipment was purchased

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Hr. Helmut Resetarits
Equipment Accounting Services
Ext: 3243

You will also be asked if your workstation should be a standard workstation (meaning installed with standard software and a Groupwise mailbox, including maintenance and support services provided by Information Management).
PLEASE NOTE: We currently have no support services for MAC products!

You may also purchase used equipment for personal use!
Please send an e-mail containing the inventory number, identifying information and year of purchase from the equipment you wish to purchase along with a request for a price estimate to: andreas.schiefermueller(/\t)
Your request will be reviewed and you will receive an estimate.
If you decide to purchase the equipment, Financial Accounting services will send you an invoice.
You may take the computer home with you as soon as the new computer has been installed and all of the data has been transferred.

You are required to erase any and all confidential information and university licensed software from your computer.
If you intend to work in an official capacity from your computer at home, we view it as sufficient legal coverage that all contained software belonging to the standard work station can be lawfully used at home (so-called "home use" by university employees).
If you intend to use the computer for other purposes, you are required to erase all university licensed software!

II.) Procedure

1.) Access the form "EDV_Bedarfsmeldung" (=computer purchase requisition) in the folder "Leere Formulare" (=empty forms).

2.) After you have completed and sent the form, the form will be sent to the "person responsible for the cost tracking account" for further processing.
The department head, or deputy department head, will receive an e-mail regarding the requisition request in his/her task list, including a request to further process the application.

He/she can indicate on the form whether or not the request is to be either approved or denied.
Denied requests must provide grounds or a reason!
In either case, the applicant will be notified by e-mail.

If the application has not yet been processed by a superior/supervisor, the applicant may still cancel the request (providing grounds for the cancellation is optional)!

If the request is approved, the request form will be forwarded to Information Management.

3.) Next, the inventory and serial numbers as well as the year of purchase of the PC, monitor or notebook will be recorded.
By means of this information, IM will determine whether or not to replace the old equipment with new equipment.
If IM determines there is no need for new equipment, the applicant will receive an e-mail containing the reasons for the decision!
If the request has been approved, the equipment will be ordered and the applicant will receive an e-mail requesting him/her to contact an IM technician to discuss delivery and installation.

4.) By accepting the new computer, you confirm that - as the user of a standard workstation - the delivered and installed computer system is complete and functional and the use of relevant company used software components has been explained.

5.) If you are authorized, you can access a complete status list of purchase requisition forms previously submitted by co-workers (provided the cost tracking number is the same) by clicking on the folder with the "eye symbol".
There you will find details for procedures to complete a “computer requisition purchase” form.
Furthermore you have a period of two months to archive your personal request form(s) by clicking on the button "archivieren" in the navigation bar located at the bottom of the form. Otherwise the form will automatically be archived.

III.) Contact

Mr. Walter LECHNER
IM/Department of User Services
Ext.: 3905