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Repair Costs - Application

To apply for repair costs for machines and/or appliances, please open the folder “empty forms” ("Leere Formulare") to "Repair Costs_Application".

I.) Description

Please inform User Services of any changes in the event that any information provided in the corresponding gray fields (such as "contact partner", "department/institute", "e-mail", "UserID" or "telephone number") are incorrect.

Use the drop-down menu under "Department/Institute" to select the relevant department or institute.

In general, please enter the name of the supervisor/person responsible for internal orders in the "Antragstellar" field.

Provide detailed information pertaining to the appliance or piece of equipment that is to be repaired in the field "zu reparierendes Gerät".

If the unit or equipment contains an inventory number (a sticker on the side or back of the equipment), or if you know how old the equipment is, please enter the information in the appropriate field. If there is no inventory sticker, please call Asset Accounting Ms. Weiss, Ext. 1414 or Mr. Schiefermüller, Ext. 3243) for information.

Enter the estimated cost repair amount in the field "Voraussichtliche Höhe der Reparaturkosten". If you know the expected service life after repair or estimated cost of purchasing something new, please use the appropriate fields to supplement the information.
Enter the date of equipment failure in the field "Datum des Schadensfalles".

If repairs have not yet been undertaken, select the item "Noch nicht durchgeführt". A window ""Bestellung durch das Institut" will appear that be activited by clicking on it. The repair costs can thus be settled directly using internal order REPA77101001.

If the institute has already paid the repair costs, select "Bereits durchgeführt". Two windows, "IANummer" and "Datum der Durchführung" will appear. Please supplement the institute's internal order number so the invoice can be settled as well as the date the repairs were completed so that internal order REPA77101001 can be reimbursed to the institute's internal account.

Enter the corresponding information in the field "Art des Schadens / Art der Reparatur / Begründung" (=type of damage/type of repair/reasons).

II.) Procedure

Access the form "Reparaturkosten Antrag" in the empty form folder, "Leere Formulare".

After completing and submitting the form, the form will be forwarded to the cost number manager. The manager will receive an e-mail asking him/her to process the repair cost application.
The manager will then either approve or reject the application.
If the application is rejected, the applicant will be notified and reasons for rejecting the application will be given.
If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified per e-mail and the application will be automatically forwarded to the Vice-Rector of Finance. At this point, the VR of Finance could also reject/approve the application.

After this step, the manager will be informed as to whether the application as been approved or not and will send a new letter of confirmation.

The letter of confirmation will subsequently be sent to the Controlling Dept. (Mr. Warsch and/or Mag. Steiner). The office of Administrative Accounting will receive the confirmation letter via the approved application which will be included in the invoice.

If the costs have already been paid by an institute internal order, the costs can now be partially or fully reimbursed.

III.) Contact

- Controlling:
Mag. Kornelia STEINER, kornelia.steiner(/\t), Ext.: 3420
Mr. Thomas WARSCH, thomas.warsch(/\t), Ext.: 3425

- Administrative Accounting/Asset Accounting:
Mr. Andreas SCHIEFERMÜLLER, andreas.schiefermueller(/\t), Ext.: 3243
Ms. Astrid WEISS, astrid.weiss(/\t), Ext: 3114