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Vacation (Holiday) Request Form

To submit a request for vacation (holiday leave), family sick leave, special leave or convert a vacation day to compensatory time off, open the folder "Leere Formulare" (=empty forms) and access "Vacation Request Forms" (=Urlaubs_Antrag)


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I.) Description

If the completed grey fields such as "ErstellerIn" (=applicant), "Ausstellungsdatum" (=date of issue), "Abteilung" (=department), "Vor- und Zuname" (=first and last name), "E Mail address", "Personalnummer" (=personnel number) or "Für die Bearbeitung dieses Urlaubsantrages ist ... vorgesehen" (=to process this request … is responsible) are incorrect, please notify User Services.
In general, the last field will contain the name of your superior/supervisor as listed in the eWork system.
If the name listed is incorrect or needs to be changed, please notify "User Services".

Here you will find the department each person is assigned to within the eWork system. If the indicated assigned department number is incorrect, you can change the number individually under "User Services" or select the number from the list.

Submitting a Vacation Request Form for Another Person:
Vacation request forms can be completed by someone else in the department. If the person submitting the form does not appear in the listing of “complete request for another person”, please contact "User Services".

Types of Holiday Leave:

  • Vacation: the number of required hours to request vacation depends on the applicant’s number of working hours. Please indicate the first day of holiday leave and the last day of leave.
  • Family Sick Leave: to request leave in order to care for someone in the family who is ill, the applicant must provide grounds for requestion family sick leave. Please indicate the first day and the last day of leave.
  • Special Leave: the applicant must provide grounds in order to request special leave (=Sonderurlaub). Please indicate the first and last day of leave.
  • To convert a Vacation Day to a Compensatory Day: please complete the corresponding request form. You can convert 1 week of vacation in compensatory time per calendar year.

Corresponding assistance in regards to individual types of holiday leave can be found in Intranet at -> "Employer/Works Council Agreement" -> "Work Hours and Vacation Leave". -> "Betriebsvereinbarungen" -> "Arbeitszeit und Urlaub"

II.) Procedure

Access the Vacation Request Form" (=Urlaubs_Antrag) in the folder "Leere Formulare" (=empty forms).

After completing and sending the request form, the request will be forwarded to your superior or supervisor. He/she will receive an e-mail including information on the type of holiday leave, relevant dates and the length of holiday request.
According to the type of holiday requested, the request will either be approved or denied. If your request is denied, your superior can provide justification or grounds for denying the request and the request will be returned to the applicant.

If your superior or supervisor has approved your request, the request form will automatically be forwarded to the Department of Human Resource Management, with the exception of special leave which must be approved by the University Director and/or Rector and will then be forwarded to the Department of Human Resource Management.

As confirmation that the request has been submitted correctly, the applicant will receive an e-mail stating “Your holiday request has been approved by…” and “Your holiday request leave was entered into XI (SAP)”. ("Ihr Urlaub wurde von ... genehmigt" und "Ihr Urlaub wurde von XI (SAP) erfasst".)

Cancelling a Vacation Request:

The applicant can cancel his/her request as long as it has not yet been approved by a supervisor. If the procedure has already been completed and approved, the applicant must cancel the request directly at Department of Human Resource Management on campus.

III.) Contact

Team Human Resource Management  (Neues Fenster)