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1. Introduction

Created by Metastorm, the eWork systemj has been in operation at JKU since 2003 and is the university's electronic support of work flow (activities, processes), etc.

eWork serves as process support to manage forms & documentation.

There are currently two versions of eWork BPM in operation (version 7 and version 9).

Version 7 is optimized for Internet Explorer, version 9 functions in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The following forms have been converted to version 9 and can also be opened using Firefox:

- Application to take leave
- Sick note / return to work after sick leave
- Appointments
- Invoices
- New hire

Soon all forms will be converted to version 9.

If you have any questions or concerns about the eWork system at JKU, please do not hesitate to contact

Mr. Franz Pomberger, Ext. 3838, franz.pomberger(/\t)

For technical assistance please contact:

Mr. Michael Reisinger, Ext: 3824, michael.reisinger(/\t)

2. Logging In and Out of the eWork System

There are two ways to start the eWork program:

  • via the internet link
  • using Application Explorer, which was made available to you by Information Management (IM). To access eWork, go to "Arbeitsplatz", first to "Start" and then to "Alle Programme" (all programs). Select "ZENworks Desktop Manager" from the list and then "Application Explorer". When you click on [All], all available IM applications, including eWork, will appear.

To verify your registration enter your user name AKxxxxxx (xxxxxx = personnel number) in the dialogue window and under password, enter your Novell and/or Groupwise password.

login fenster ework

If you have problems logging into Access Manager, contact the Service Desk at Information Management at:

P: +43 732 2468 1111

Log out by clicking on:

3. Description of the Main Window

IMPORTANT: If you do not wish to fill out or send a form, please exit by clicking the Cancel (Abbruch) button!

button abbrechen

4. Using e-Work on Internet Explorer 10 & 11

The pdf file below provides detailed information on how configuring to use the system on Internet Explorer 10 & 11.