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Standard Work Station

What exactly is a standard computer work station?

A standard computer station consists of a hardware standard (PC or Mac of certain performance class) and standard software (set of software products installed on the standard hard drive).

You can apply for a standard work station in the eWork system using the form EDV_Bedarfsmeldung.

Implementation Requirements for Standard Computer Work Stations

Who determines what is “standard”?
Hardware and software standards are determined and reassessed annually by the EDV Committee, which was created by the Rectorate, which also includes members appointed by the three faculties.

Who is responsible?
The committee’s core task is to annually determine all minimum standard requirements, acquisition procedures as well as distribution priorities in case supplies fall short.
IM is incumbent to the annual determination of demand and works in close collaboration with the faculties in regards to the transaction of bidding procedures, including testing new components.
Furthermore, IM is responsible for the installation, delivery and continual maintenance service of computer work stations (excluding departments that have their own IT technician).
If you have any questions or concerns regarding standard computer work stations, please call the IM Hotline at Ext. 1111.

Who is entitled to what?
Departments at JKU are entitled to standard computer work stations as long computer resources are required to complete core department tasks.
In regards to human resource planning and based on the actual status of computer work stations, each department is entitled to an appropriate number of standard computer work stations. In addition, each department is entitled to a network compatible laser printer (a so-called “department printer”).

Standard Computer Work Station for Third-Party Funded Staff/Employees
Departments who have hired third-party funded staff/employees can apply for an standard computer work station. In this case, any related costs must also be paid for my third-party funds.

When Can a Work Station be Replaced/Exchanged?
Regardless of the budget situation at JKU, it can be expected that standard computer work stations can be replaced every 3 to 4 years.

Work Station Equipment for New Positions
Computer work station equipment is available on a short-term basis for employees hired for new positions. In this case, we request that IM be contacted before the new employee begins working and submit the appropriate request form. IM will then provide the standard work station.

What Happens to Old Equipment?
In general, IM will remove all old equipment from the department. In certain cases, providing justifiable grounds (i.e. work station for student use), departments may be able to retain old equipment

Notebooks (iBooks) Instead of Desktop Computers
Departments entitled to replace computer work stations and willing to fund additional costs for a notebook can have a notebook instead of a desktop computer. This will be noted on the purchase requisition form.

In Urgent Cases
In the event that a standard computer work station (not yet eligible for replacement) is impaired or defective, the following applies:
As long repairs can be made at reasonable cost or the computer is still under warranty, IM will either repair or have the computer repaired.
During the period in which the computer is being repaired, IM will provide a replacement computer.
If the computer cannot be repaired or the cost of repair is too great, IM will try to provide a replacement computer on short notice (please submit the corresponding request form).

Upgrading Hardware on a Standard Computer Work Station
To acquire additional software not included in the standard package, the following applies:
Hardware upgrading is generally feasible and can be included along with the standard software when requesting a new work station as long as the department agrees to pay any additional costs.
Please inform IM if you upgrade any software after receiving a standard work station. This is just in case of any later incidents of damage (warranty, compatibility, etc.)
Unauthorized Modifications: replacing the motherboard, graphic cards, processor. Failure to comply will result in losing all IM service and maintenance privileges.

Additional Software Installation
Users may install additionally required software themselves as long as it is compatible to the standard software.
If you are unsure, please contact the IM Hotline at Ext. 1111.
Please note: If your hard drive needs to be re-set at any point, IM will only restore the standard software.

Changing Standard Software
The basic standard software package, including the operating system, network connection (installing Windows networks can lead to errors and malfunction), mail / office communication software as well as Office Packages may not be altered.
Even replacing only one of the above mentioned products will result in IM no longer being responsible for the maintenance of the work station.

Maintenance Restrictions
Due to limited resources, IM cannot deliver hardware to external university offices.
The maintenance of standard computer work stations by IM to external university offices with a network connection of less than 10MBit broadband is available on a very limited basis. For more information, please contact the IM Hotline at Ext. 1111.