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Set Up the Cisco AnyConnect Client under (Linux)

  1. Use your browser to open
  2. Register using your AK+personnel number and e-Directory password.
  3. Click on “AnyConnect” and then on “Start Anyconnect”.
  4. Cisco AnyConnects VPN Cient will be installed automatically. (Java required)
    1. A window will appear asking you to enter a root password.
  5. If installation was successful, you will be connected via the VPN.
    1. You will notice the connection by the program window under “Statistics”, or
    2. by opening the page (IP should be from the network area VPN Pool ***)
  6. Client can then be started the same way as any other program.
    1. There is no need to access it via the browser.

    If automatic installation fails:
  7. Click on the link Linux x86_64 (in the same window)
  8. Save the download and then use a terminal to start the installation script.
    1. Terminal: sudo sh [Pfad]/
  9. Start the Client and log in using your AK number and your e-Directory password.
  10. You can test the connection as described in Pt. 5 a/b.
If you need assistance, please send an e-mail to secadmin(/\t) or call Ext. 8080.